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About GH Tattoos


Good Honest Tattoos was created to provide good quality tattoo art at an affordable price. It's a small shop different to most, where you can interact with your artist and get the tattoo experience that you deserve.

Good Honest Tattoos has a sterilization room that can be viewed when you are in the shop. This was created for the public to have a better understanding of the safety precautions we take with our tattoo material. An autoclave is the only safe machine that can sterilize and kills viruses and bacteria; therefore it is 100% safe for you. Every professional tattoo shop should have an autoclave and we will be happy to explain how it all works.

Good Honest Tattoos allows you to be tattooed completely private from the reception area, If you are uncomfortable with your body or don't want everyone watching you while you are getting your tattoo, we can close the curtains.

After a free consultation we custom design each tattoo with the goal of surpassing the customer expectation, we care for the meaning behind your tattoos. We are here for the love of art!

Felipe Rapucci - Artist


I was born in 1983 in Sao Paulo- Brazil, I have always been interested
in all sorts of art, sculpture, painting, graffiti and drawing. My
interests lead me into tattooing, by the age of 15 I started to
prepare myself for the tattoo industry, drawing flash and doing my
research about the life of a tattooist.

When I was 16 in (2000) I brought my first tattoo kit, I started to practice
on pig skin then on my mates, until, 2 years later I was invited to work in a professional
tattoo shop called Pacific Tattoos. I learnt a lot and worked for over
a year earning 30% of everything I made, great times!!

After i gained a bit of knowledge in the tattoo industry I decided to
rent a place and started out on my own. I called the shop ``Eternity
Tattoo``. I ran this for a year then joined forces with a friend that
was already in the industry. We worked together for 3 years in a shop
called ``511 tattoo art``. It is still open today and its run by
Danilo Henna.

It was time for me to move on and explore new culture
and different types of art, which brought me to New Zealand. The Maori
art is famous in Brazil and no one does it properly there back in the
day. I came to New Zealand to learn. I have met many great people and

Rodrigo Naza gave me a opportunity to work in Tauranga at
Hammer Head, for which I am very grateful. Through Naza I met Nadine
Bryant Marriot and Euan Satherlay, they treated me like family and
invited me to work for Skinks tattoo in Hamilton.

I love Hamilton so much that’s why i decided to stay, I worked at Skinks for almost 7 years
until the 1st of August when I decided to start up my own shop, so I
can spend more time with my fiancé Kathy (my receptionist) and my new
born baby Bobbie(the entertainer).

I hope this place will bring joy for us and a great life style for the family as we hope to be here for
years to come making good art and meeting great people.
Thanks for reading
Felipe Rapucci.

Adym Kohi - Artist


I started tattooing in 2008 and have spent a lot of this time working in my hometown of Rotorua. Before I started at Good Honest Tattoo I spent a year and a half working part time at Skinks Tattoo Lounge in Hamilton, and at the same time maintaining my ever growing client base in Rotorua.

I started tattooing because I love the art form and the drive to better myself never runs thin. There is always something to learn and so much to discover. You know you have a hell of a career when you can do what you’re passionate about on people who give you their trust to mark them eternally, and truly appreciate your work.
People who tattoo will never starve for inspiration or motivation and I love that about it.

My enjoyment lies with the style of new school tattoo art.
When designing a piece I will always implement elements of this style, and when I draw in my spare time it is the exaggeration and the bright, fun atmosphere of new school that I draw on for creation.

For me the ability to transform the serious points of life into a goofy cartoon never loses its appeal ;-)